Detour Sunglasses: Your Budget-Friendly Sunglasses That Protects Your Eyes Outdoor

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Sunglasses are one of the popular accessories that are related to fashion. But, little did you know that sunglasses are more than an add-on to your style? Beyond its stylish element, it also has benefits and functions to an individual's health. Likewise, it can protect our eyes from Ultraviolet (UV) light that has harmful effects on your eyelid, cornea, lens, and retina. Thus, sunglasses are essential year-round as Ultraviolet light is always present in any weather as sunny, cloudy, or winter. Thereby, Detour Sunglasses offers lots of options that categorizes by these different weather, as we are subject to UV exposure every day. 

Detour's sunglasses are budget-friendly to help you ease from purchasing expensive products. Moreover, all of their eyeglasses have lots of benefits beyond their prices. So, own Detour Sunglasses now and put an adventure to your life with your little heart desire, such as surfing, biking, and hiking. You can be stylish as you want with Detour!

Your Budget-Friendly Sunglasses That Protects Your Eyes Outdoor

If you want to take a diversion, choose Detour Sunglasses to accompany you to take the path you like. Life is too short to be sidetracked by things everyone else wants you to do. At times, enjoy life and take a detour!

1. Dreamsicle Lens Polarized - Bimini

Dreamsicle Lens Polarized - BIMINI

Dreamsicle Lens Polarized

Bimini - $38.00

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If you compare this to any sunglasses out there, this BIMINI Dreamsicle Lens Polarized is more comfortable with a lightweight design. Instead of using ordinary heavy lenses, Detour chose to use a TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) Polarized lens and make it cozy for users. The Detour's BIMINI is designed with high-quality materials but offers affordable prices that surely help us save money! Purchase your Dreamsicle Lens Polarized - BIMINI now! 

2. Gold - Blue Light Blockers - Bermuda

Gold - Blue Light Blockers

Gold - Blue Light Blockers

Bermuda - $25.00

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Are you spending too much time on screens as you work from home or studying for your online class? Then, Detour's Blue Blockers is for you! They also offer eyewear that can eliminate blue light and diffuse harmful rays that vent from televisions, computers, laptops, phones, or any electronic devices, fluorescent and LED lighting. Detour also puts lightweight material to this and makes it comfortable with customers. Gold - Blue Light Blockers - Bermuda is an eyeglass with a classy design but surely will help your eyes to have a break from migraines, headaches, or eye strain from being on the computer or your phone too much. Pick effectual protection from Detour Bermuda Blue Light Blockers!

3. PowPow Moto - Teal Steel - Hi-Fi Quickgrip Lens

PowPow Moto - Teal Steel - Hi-Fi Quickgrip Lens

Teal Steel - Hi-Fi Quickgrip Lens

PowPow Moto - $85.00

Do you find riding and biking fun? Detour is offering their Powpow Moto - Teal Steel - Hi-Fi Quickgrip Lens that will secure safety throughout the fun! Their goggles feature a QuickGrip magnetic lens system and Hi-Fi high-quality contrast lenses that can spot any changes in your terrain! You can also easily pop and swap your color lenses in any design you want! Your lenses are heavily secured by the magnets into the frame channels leaving you zero percent chance of breakage lenses cases. Detour's Powpow moto and PowPow snow lenses are interchangeable that you can go to places with dusty to the snowy environment! It is also compatible with a motor helmet and has an anti-fogging element that will save you from a fun ride! Own a Pow pow Moto - Teal Steel - Ho-Fi Quickgrip Lens now to ride without worries and be lively!

Detour Sunglasses offers more than one eyewear, but do offer lots of beneficiary towards a healthy lifestyle! Whether you wear them out on the hiking trail or to the beach, you will love these high-quality sunglasses at their budget-friendly price. Enjoy the adventure and scenery outside without worrying about your eyes. Be cautious and have a high-spirited life with Detour Sunglasses! Discover more of the designs and visit their official website. Join the Detour Fam now!


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