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Ellana Cosmetics

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Do you feel like your skin needs to breathe from the use of excessive cosmetics? Little do you know that if you have sensitive skin, you may try to use mineral cosmetics. Mineral beauty products are known for using natural ingredients that assuredly give your skin the best of it. Additionally, it makes you feel lighter, but do not fret since it covers plenty of nutrients that will make your skin brighter than ever. It contains a healthy portion of zinc as a protectant and titanium dioxide as a sunscreen. Thus, mineral cosmetics are very effective when it comes to protecting you from harsh sunlight. And if you want to try this kind of beauty product, you may check out Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. It is a brand that constantly sends the needs and cares for its dearest customers. Every product they release originated to do more and be better. Their goal is to give improvement to their client's skin, health, and quality of life. With this, the dedication of the founders of Ellana Mineral Cosmetics will automatically give us a sense of security to purchase with them. You do not have to worry. After all, they live not to disappoint because they have different products for different skin types. Let me dive you into the Ellana Mineral Cosmetics

Is your skin dry, oily, sensitive, or have combination type? Ellana Mineral Cosmetics owned different products for different skin types that surely everyone will love! Check the Ellana Mineral Cosmetics website to see what they offer that will fit with your skin type.

Skin Type Check with Ellana Mineral Cosmetics

Having skin that reacts actively in surroundings and has hardly intake with many products is frankly stressful. It explains the importance of knowing your very own skin type. Have skin type check with Ellana Mineral Cosmetics that offers different products for every variety of skin.

1. Calm Skin Balancing Serum (NEW 30g) With Centella Asiatica For Sensitive And Reactive Skin. 

Calm Skin Balancing Serum (NEW 30g) With Centella Asiatica For Sensitive And Reactive Skin

Does your skin react quickly to the irritating environment? Then, this Calming Skin Serum is for you. It has active ingredients that are fast-absorbing, non-sticky, relax the skin, and help wound healing. Do take note of the three promising to formulate ingredients: Centella Asiatica provides repairs skin and encourages collagen production. Chamomile and rose fruit can calm the irritation and reduce inflammation. Lastly, the rosemary oil that lightens dark spots and blemishes. Start to use this to reduce irritation and inflammation.

2. Calm Down AHA/BHA Acne Spot Gel (NEW 12g). 

Calm Down AHA/BHA Acne Spot Gel (NEW 12g)

Looking for skin protection and has hydrating ingredients that will keep your skin acne-free and oil-free? Check the Calm Down AHA/BHA Acne Spot Gel that is now in 12g. The acne spot treatment contains a powerhouse blend of mixed fruit acid, salicylic acid, protease, Boswellia Serrata, Centella Asiatica, green tea, licorice extracts, and rosemary. Given ingredients will assuredly bring healthy outcomes to your skin. You can use this directly to the affected spot, and the improvement of your skin will not be a disappointment. Fight acne and be freed by it.

3. Flower Power Multi Mist Hydrates and Brightens.

Flower Power Multi Mist Hydrates and Brightens

Are you worried about your delicate skin drying? Then grab this multi-use face mist that everyone loves! Flower Power Multi Mist has different beneficiary ingredients that I am sure you will also start to love. Designed to soothe and moisturize the skin and help reduce redness and irritation. It calms and nourishes the skin and brightens the dark spots, and provides 24-hour hydration. For deep skin hydration, visit the Ellana website and find this plant extract mist for better skin.

4. Glass-C Skin + Brightening Serum with 5% Vitamin C and 1% HA.

Glass-C Skin + Brightening Serum with 5% Vitamin C and 1% HA

Are you tired of finding an effective product to brighten skin without irritation? Keep on reading because Ellana is willing to introduce their Glass-C Skin + Brightening Serum! The 5 % Vitamin C boosts collagen production, and 1% Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) hydrates skin. Additionally, also it has Punica Granatum Flower Extract containing beneficiary refer for cell damages. Have this new serum formula and grab this trial-friendly 30g size!

    Take note, in choosing the beauty product you want to use, review the ingredients list. If you are looking forward to meeting your newest beauty product essentials, visit Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. Nourish your skin healthily and get your skin better!

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