Every Day is a Pride Day with The Beauty Crop: Pride Love Wins Collection

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In this generation, everyone is getting braver and braver to show who they are. Whereas many as well display support for pride month and LGBTQ+ rights. But, little do you know that intended of pride is to show others, especially youth who was hiding their sexual identity, to accept themselves and walk their rights away. Despite experiencing discrimination in the past decades, people today find the courage to shout that they are born this way. Thus, many now march on the Pride Month rally to walk their flag annually. They say pride month celebrates during June, but every day is pride month because every day love wins. Inasmuch, this blog is about makeups and skincare routines of Pride Love Wins Collection inspiration made by The Beauty Crop with the collaboration of the LGBTQ foundation. 

The Beauty Crop promotes beauty for all and is back with the Love Wins collection that supports Pride Month! Where the portion of the sale will go to support the LGBT foundation and support their hardships and efforts during the pandemic. Further, The Beauty Crop products are all derived from natural ingredients that are healthy and good for anyone's skin. Why don't we dive into the Pride Love Wins Collection?

Let's Love Freely Every Day with The Beauty Crop's Pride Love Wins Collection!

For years, LGBTQ+ members kept fighting for their rights to love whom they love intimately. Some now understand the essence of this fight and support it all the way. And today, it is paved to help the LGBT foundation by purchasing The Beauty Crop products below!

1. Hydrating Sheet Masks (Box Set of 3)

Hydrating Sheet Masks (Box Set of 3)

If you are dealing with dehydrated skin, well, these hydrating sheet masks are perfect for you! The Beauty Crop carefully mixed Niacinamide and rose water to retain moisture, minimize pore appearance, and soften fine lines and wrinkles by reducing and soothing irritation, thus, promoting calmness and nourishment to one's parched skin. It has an additional serum formulated with hyaluronic acid to deliver exceptional hydration and instantly bring a younger look! End your dull skin era with The Beauty Crop's Box Set of 3 Hydrating Sheet Masks!

2. Lip Balm & Scrub Set

Lip Balm & Scrub Set

Are you dealing with dry and chapped lips? Then, better buy The Beauty Crop's Lip Balm and Scrub Set for good! The Lip Scrub contains three ingredients that will help you relieve and moisturize your lips for the time being: Avocado oil, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid. Avocado oil is antioxidant-rich, which you can use to battle environmental debris. Meanwhile, Aloe Vera helps treat and soothe lip conditions, including chapped lips, and makes them feel less dry. Lastly, to make your lips look softer, smoother, and noticeable with fine lines, The Beauty Crop's lip scrub has Hyaluronic Acid. For better results, partner it with The Beauty Crop's Lip Balm to treat and nourish your lips!

To use: Apply the lip scrub gently on the lips in circular motions to ensure that the entire lip is exfoliated and wiped off with dry tissue.  

3. Pride Pimple Patch (Set of 24 Patches)

Pride Pimple Patch (Set of 24 Patches)

Do you have a rough day with never-ending pimples and blemishes? Pride Pimple Patch is perfect for you! It can get rid of your spots faster than you think with an anti-acne agent, Salicylic acid, which unclogs pores by exfoliating the dead skin, and tea tree to reduce the redness of the pimples, swelling, and inflammation free from acne breakouts. It also has Niacinamide which makes this product effective as it helps to lighten the dark spot and helps to avoid scarring by pimples.

To use: After a cleansing routine, pat dries your skin before applying the stickers, tacky-side down to your blemishes. For better results, wear it for 6 hours or overnight. Do not use any treatment or moisturizer during or between the patches. 

Everyone could be themselves without frying or worrying. But sometimes, it takes different levels of courage to show the world who you are because every day is a PRIDE. Find yourself and love who you could love with The Beauty Crop's Pride Love Win Collection! Show them who you are with these product collections and be confidently beautiful with a heart. 

For more information, you may visit the official store for more bundles and collections. They are also on sale, so do not wait any longer! Click here and grab yours now!

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