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Stay Fresh for Acne
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Acne is one of the greatest enemies of an individual who wants to achieve clear skin over time. Whereas if a breakout happens, they freak out immediately and do panic shopping. In your case, what things do you do first? Do you also browse different products to stop pimple breakout and visit YouTube reviews for better? At times, we feel more conscious about our acne breakouts. As a result, we decide to buy products that may have harsh effect on our skin. Instead of fewer acne results, it causes more skin irritations as we always forget to choose products that are kind to our skin and only focus on better outcomes.

However, there is good news for those who find themself tired of trying different skin products and hacks on their face hoping for the best! This blog is an introduction to a local brand but has an international level of effectiveness in the skin.

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics is a brand that formulates its product with care, such as skin-friendly ingredients, and has an environment harm free with product sachets use. As a customer, you do not have to worry if it is effective for your sensitive skin or is cruelty-free because Ellana Mineral Cosmetics creates each product with a conscience free from the environment and animal brutality. Say no more acne with Ellana Mineral Cosmetics! Remain where you are because the following products will help you to achieve the "gandang hindi mo inakala"!

Bid a Farewell to Your Acne and Say Hi to Your Clear Skin!

We all know that acne is a normal part of puberty, but we also cannot deny that we feel conscious and insecure about ourselves as it steals our self-confidence. Acne makes us feel less self-assured physically and mentally. Thus, if you share the same sentiment, fear no more! Ellana Mineral Cosmetics is our savior to build a new foundation of confidence, as it will help to heal our skin problems! Ready your goodbye to your acne and say hello to your new healthy fresh skin with Ellana Mineral Cosmetics!

1. Powder Cleanser Starter Kit

Powder Cleanser Starter Kit

If you cannot find the perfect cleanser powder that is safe to use on your sensitive skin, then you are missing the Powder Cleanser Starter Kit! Ellana Mineral Cosmetics offers a cleanser kit with two variants, the Stay Fresh Powder Face Cleanser and Flower Power Powder Face Cleanser. Both can perform deep cleanses and reveal one's glowing skin. Moreover, you could use the Stay Fresh Powder Face Cleanser if you want a product that can prevent acne and blemishes. It has Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Centella Asiatica (Cica), Green Tea Extract, and Bamboo charcoal. These ingredients help the skin to heal, calm irritated skin, treat active breakouts, regulate oil production, detoxify, and promote youthful skin. You can say bye-bye to your acne with Stay Fresh Powder Face Cleanser!

2. Stay Fresh Toner Essence 

Stay Fresh Toner Essence Controls Oil and Brightens

Are you looking for a toner that fights breakouts, is alcohol-free, and refines pores? Ellana's Stay Fresh Toner Essence is for you! It has rich ingredients, such as apple extracts, Centella Asiatica, Vitamin B3, and Azeclair Acid will give your skin more benefits than cleansing the dirt. Applying this will hydrate and refine your skin, retain moisture, promote healing, be fungal-acne safe, and fight breakouts. Everything you need to remove the acne in your life is here. Say no more acne breakouts with Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Stay Fresh Toner Essence!

3. Calm Down AHA/BHA Acne Spot Gel (New 12g)

Calm Down AHA/BHA Acne Spot Gel (New 12g)

Have a hard time fighting your pimples? Ellana Mineral Cosmetics has something for you! Calm Down AHA/BHA Acne Spot Gel is a product that can gently fight your acne problems away as it calms active pimples, fights acne bacteria, and has a fast-acting formula. It also has the power blend of mixed fruit acids, salicylic acid, Boswellia serrata, Centella Asiatica, licorice extracts, and rosemary, especially protease for anti-acne and green tea that minimizes the effects of breakouts. You can apply the gel directly to the affected area and wait for it to perform a gentle fight on your skin, but a tough battle against your acne problems! Grab your Calm Down AHA/BHA Acne Spot Gel to put on a good fight.

4. Stay Fresh Moisturizer

Stay Fresh Moisturizer

Moisturizer is one of the most important parts of skincare, as it prevents premature aging and can help with acne. And, Stay Fresh Moisturizer by Ellana Mineral Cosmetics is an oil-controlling moisturizer that instantly blurs pores and less shiny skin. This moisturizer is built of plant-based extracts for controlling oil production, and it is best for combination with oily skin types. Try your Stay Fresh Moisturizer now, and enjoy up to 72 hours of hydration. Say goodbye to grease and acne.

Acne can make one feel less confident and more self-conscious. No more test runs to many products as Ellana Mineral Cosmetics will surely feed your wants to have clear and better skin! Hurry and check Ellana Mineral Cosmetics' official website for more products. Steal your confidence back with Ellana!

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