The Beauty Crop: Create an Expressive Look with Toxic-Free Palettes

The Beauty Crop
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Do you like palettes but have hesitation in trying new cosmetic products on the internet? Just so you know, it is a reasonable and acceptable reaction for anyone who is not attracted to shopping online, especially if you have already been let down once by your purchased products online. And another case is if your skin is sensitive, you may have a hard time finding the right product for your skin since some cosmetics have toxicity within. Furthermore, despite the overrated use of additives and complexes on most ingredients, there are still brands that use cruelty and eco-harmful free components. Digging more and you will assuredly find cosmetic brands that are all out on using natural ingredients to serve the promising beauty that everyone deserves. 

Did you hear the brand The Beauty Crop? If not, The Beauty Crop is a cosmetic brand had the essence of beauty, uniqueness, and guilt-free products. Their production of limitless high-quality cosmetics made with natural oils and plant-based extracts will make your skin secure from any of its quantity products. Check our previous published blog about The Beauty Crop here,

Did you know that beauty palettes can make you express what you want to convey behind your makeup? It is an art that everyone can understand if they start to stare right at you. Palette has multiple colors, textures, and pigments that can be expressive as one painter made his painting. To achieve this, why not try to grab one and try it yourself. If you still keep on looking for artistic and creative but natural products, then you would love to see the power of The Beauty Crop cosmetic products. Their cosmetic products can help you boost your confidence without feeling guilty for their ingredients. So, if you are fond of using palettes, then better check out their section and express yourself with different made pigments that you will surely love for their distinctiveness. Most of The Beauty Crop palettes contain creamy metallic, velvety matte, and long-lasting glitters combinations that will make you hooked by its distinctive power cosmetic. Choose to be beautiful without feeling guilty. Pair your beautiful bare face with The Beauty Crop guilt-free products. 

Express your Uniqueness with The Beauty Crop Artistic Palettes 

1. Cocktail Pressed Pigments Palette Vault - Volume 1

Cocktail Pressed Pigments Palette Vault - Volume 1

As flavorsome as our favorite cocktail combinations, The Beauty Crop Cocktail Palette Volume 1 Book Set features four cocktail-inspired palettes in Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, and Sangria. These palettes featured 12 tantalizing, buttery, and highly pigmented shades. And, distinguished with four finishes as velvety matte, creamy metallic, cream to powder shimmer, and long-wearing glitter that is useful for a wide selection.

Mojito Eyeshadow Palette, Strawberry Daiquiri eyeshadow Palette, and Sangria Eyeshadow Palette

Mojito Eyeshadow Palette, Strawberry Daiquiri eyeshadow Palette, and Sangria Eyeshadow Palette

Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Sangria Eyeshadow Palette feature richly 12 versatile pigmented shades. As for Mojito, it is gold and green. Strawberry Daiquiri, red and pink, and for Sangria Eyeshadow Palette are purple and burgundy. With 12 different shades of each palette, you can express yourself in more wide different ways and on any festive day. With the help of these palettes, you can make yourself more creative in any way. You can be limitless from conveying who you are.

Pina Colada Eyeshadow Palette

Pina Colada Eyeshadow Palette

From the colors to shade, the palette itself originated with beach looks. Beauty Crop promotes trendy colorful shades with this cute and fresh palette. With 12 versatile shades, there are many combinations you can try every day. 

2. Espresso Lovers Dream Set

Espresso Lovers Dream Set

Our favorite brewed drink is available on palette sets now! The Beauty Crop knows what is best for our skin and our favorite smell of the day, introducing The Beauty Crop coffee formulated palettes. Little did you know that coffee extracts can help lessen the puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, and with a combination of antioxidants, it brightens and strengthens the skin. The Espresso Lovers Dream Set collection has twenty-one delicious wearable eye shadows formulated with coffee extract. It has high pigmented shades that will surely leave you in awe for their admiring quality that both come in matte and shimmer finishes.

3. Coco Paradise Eyeshadow Palette

Coco Paradise Eyeshadow Palette

Do you want to have a fresh and relaxed look? Check this Coco Paradise Eyeshadow Palette that will make you imagine calm scenery. It is a perfect combination of pink and brown shades that will drag you to paradise. It has highly pigmented shades with three types of formula: four velvety matte, four creamy metallics, and one marble shimmer. Surround your eyes with a Coco Palette!

As for everyday living, the most important thing is to boost our confidence. Trusting our uniqueness could express who we are to those people who have their standards. We can break anyone's beauty standard and set it to our beauty inside and out. Be our masterpiece, on our inside art. Power up your look with The Beauty Crop brand, and they will not fail you to serve what you want to achieve. Check out The Beauty Crop website now, and you will love not only their palettes but also the other products they have.

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