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In today's generation, actual cars are not only a hobby meant to use in fun competitive racing events but also toy racing cars. It became a popular pastime and sport at the same time globally, especially among men. Likewise, do you know that Radio-Controlled racing aims to promote and enhance the enjoyment and visibility of its players, thus further giving comfort during one's free time? Considering this blog is about the revelation of top-tier high-quality cars that will help you, especially if you find this RC racing interesting! 

One of the promising brands and services in this field is Beach RC & Hobbies! This brand is known as the southeast leader of racing and service in the world of Radio-Controlled as it is a one-stop shop for all your RC racing needs. Further, it also carries famous majority used brands in the industry that you can take as an advantage in stepping into the Radio-Controlled world. The Beach RC & Hobbies aims to extend help to individuals who want to expand and explore their knowledge in the said world. Let's dig into Radio-Controlled racing with Beach RC & Hobbies!

Start Point toward Radio-Controlled Racing World with Beach RC & Hobbies!

Every year, an individual finds themselves learning a new hobby for the rest of their lives, whether in crafts or music-related. Moreover, Radio-Controlled racing as a hobby is equivalent to professional sports that assuredly will make you feel comfortable to attain enjoyment throughout the race! This blog is a sign for you to pursue Radio-Controlled racing with complete starter services with Beach RC & Hobbies!

1. Losi 1/10 '68 Ford F100 22S 2WD No Prep Drag Truck Brushless RTR (Losi Garage)

Losi 1/10 '68 Ford F100 22S 2WD No Prep Drag Truck Brushless RTR (Losi Garage)

Are you looking for a competitive drag racing car? Then, this model is perfect for you! The Losi® 1968 Ford F100 No Prep Drag Racing Truck setting the standard in the RC racing industry for so long! Its best innovative design takes another high level of craftsmanship that will assure you with outstanding features. The Ford 100 is still looking classic; hence it has been carefully crafted to stay fit into the rules and regulations set by the No-Prep Drag Racing scene. It also has advantages of aluminum chassis: electronics, protection, side-impacts guards, and a clean wire management system with plenty of 22S option parts. In short, it is perfect for racing as it has adjustable turnbuckles, a weighted front bumper and wheelie bar, a low center of gravity rear shock tower, elevated transmission, extended body mounts, and an optional heavy-duty sway bar. Race with all your heart with Losi 1/10 '68 Ford F100 22S 2WD No Prep Drag Truck Brushless RTR (Losi Garage)!

2. Axial 1/10 SCX10 III Base Camp 4WD Rock Crawler Brushed RTR, Gray

Axial 1/10 SCX10 III Base Camp 4WD Rock Crawler Brushed RTR, Gray

If you are a cost-conscious individual, do not fret, Axial 1/10 SCX10 III Base Camp 4WD Rock Crawler Brushed RTR, Gray is here to save you! This model is pretty popular in the RC racing field but perfect for those new to the hobby. It will be your ride toward the fantastic world of RC as the 1/10 scale Axial® SCX10™ has been the choice RC vehicle platform for scale trail enthusiasts since it provides exciting detail and high-ranking off-road performance. The SCX10™ is effective on the trails and has kept costs down despite looking classic, with a single-speed transmission (helps low gravity) and high performance. Shorten, the 1/10 scale Axial® SCX10™ has different features that will help you to dominate the RC world and will ready you onboard!

3. Team Associated RC10 T6.2 Off Road Team Stadium Truck Kit

Team Associated RC10 T6.2 Off Road Team Stadium Truck Kit

Do you want to try truck racing? Well, Team Associated's RC10B6.2 platform, the RC10T6.2, is one of the competitive truck racer models and once a race-winning heritage! It is now successfully bringing improvised adjustability, durability, and performance to the truck platform. The RC10 T6.2 has many new features combined, such as an integrated fan mount, highly adjustable rear hub assembly and speed, durability, and lineage with other legacy features that undoubtedly will make your money worth it in buying this model! You can be a true champion with Team Associated RC10 T6.2 Off Road Team Stadium Truck Kit!

Beach RC & Hobbies only not offers one deal but also materials and services to improve your knowledge in the world of Radio-Controlled Racing! The products are usually shipped twenty-four (24) hours to your lovely home. For more information, you may visit their official website and check other outstanding models that will make you stand at the finish line!

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