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Today is an era when sending messages to others is quick and easy — you can solely send a text message, email, or organize a social media event. Do physical invitations still on the tracks? They say that there is something special about receiving a beautifully made paper wedding invitation thru your mail announcing a friend's forthcoming wedding is a precious memory. The excitement you will feel while holding the attractive paper between your fingertips is on a different level than looking at your email with a digital invitation. The smell of the scented paper and the looks of the elegant card tied with a ribbon make the physical invitation stand out, and the guest feels extra-special.

Weddings are special occasions not just for the couple who is tying the knot but also for their families and friends. And before proceeding with the ceremony, the couple will always consider the preparations for their big event in life. Wedding invitations are one of the preparations you must do after settling everything. Creating beautiful wedding invitations is all about striking a delicate balance between usefulness and aesthetics. When you do, the design captures the complete spirit of your wedding and sets the tone for one of the most important days of your life.

If you are looking to create a fantastic beautiful wedding invitation affordably, Cards and Pockets are here to save you. They have everything you need for your wedding invitations. From Unique Enclosures, Laser Cut Cards, and precise professional printing, all with colorful matching luxury envelopes. Dream in colored papers with Cards and Pockets wedding invitations.

Best Wedding Invitations Looks

1. Wedding Invitation Suites

Wedding Invitation Suites

All paper goods sent along with the wedding invitations are on the wedding invitations suite. It should always include an RSVP card and principal information, like directions and accommodations. Send a message to Cards and Pockets to shop the wedding invitation suites that suit your taste and theme. They have various collections to browse, and you can choose from forty-nine styles.

2. Acrylic Invitations

Acrylic Invitations

Acrylic is a transparent plastic material that is stiff in texture and lucid to the eye. Acrylic invitations have grown in popularity over the past years and have earned their rightful place as a top invitation suite material. Choosing an acrylic invitation suite is an excellent way to impress your guests and set the tone for your wedding. If you like trendy and elegant wedding invitations, you may want to check Cards and Pockets' Acrylic Invitations. You can also custom full-color acrylic through Cards and Pockets' advanced printing that creates in full color with scratch-resistant inks. Acrylic is a beautiful choice for modern and elegant wedding invitations. 

3. Printed Vellum Invitations

Printed Vellum Invitations

Over the decade, Cards and Pockets have experience custom on Vellum Paper. Vellum Paper is a cream-colored paper that looks like parchment for calfskin but is not parchmentized. Soft translucent vellums may be printed in the finest vibrant colors or sharp white inks, giving your creations additional dimensions. And, if you want to avail this as your wedding invitation, check out the Printed Vellum Sample Kit to see the quality of the vellum printing for yourself!

4. Free Templates and DIY Kits

Free Templates and DIY Kits

DIY or Do It Yourself is also of the trends nowadays. Keep the cost of your wedding down and add a personal touch by building your wedding invitations with Cards and Pockets free templates and DIY Kits. Browse and choose from 35 great designs, customize, download, and print at home for free. As for the DIY Kits, you can purchase them for an affordable price. Wedding invitation kits from Cards and Pockets are simple to print and assemble at home. For your personalized DIY kit built from heavy-weight card stocks, choose from over 85 different color combinations.

A wedding is a once-lifetime event for the couple who will start their journey as a family, making it extra special for everyone. Visit the Cards and Pockets website to discover more about their services. Dream in colored papers!



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