Summer Hobby: Crafting Juicy Apricot Soap

summer scent soap
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Summer is the season of sun-kissed skin, beach days, and fresh, fruity scents that transport us to a tropical paradise. One of the most delightful ways to capture the essence of summer is through soap making, a creative and rewarding hobby that lets you bring the aromas of the season into your daily routine. This summer, why not try making soap with a fragrance that embodies the spirit of the summer season: A Juicy Apricot? With sweet notes of peach, banana, jasmine, and white lily, rounded out by a sugary vanilla base, this scent will make every shower feel like a sun-drenched escape.

The Allure of Summer Scents

There is something magical about the scents of summer. They evoke memories of picnics in the park, lazy afternoons by the pool, and the simple joy of biting into a ripe and juicy fruit. The fragrance of Juicy Apricot soap is a perfect encapsulation of these moments. The bright, fruity top notes of apricot and peach provide an immediate burst of sweetness, while the subtle hints of banana add a tropical twist. The floral undertones of jasmine and white lily bring a touch of elegance, and the warm, sugary vanilla base wraps it all up in a comforting, irresistible finish.

Why Craft Your Summer Soap?

Soap making is not only a fun and engaging craft but also allows you to control the ingredients and fragrances, ensuring a high-quality, personalized product. Homemade soaps are often gentler on the skin compared to commercial soaps, as they can be free of harsh chemicals and artificial additives. Additionally, crafting your soap gives you the freedom to experiment with different scents, colors, and shapes, creating a product that is uniquely yours.

Getting Started: Ingredients and Equipment

Nurture Soap offers a world of creativity and quality for soap-making enthusiasts. With a wide range of premium ingredients and captivating fragrances, Nurture Soap empowers you to craft high-quality, personalized soaps that delight the senses and nourish the skin. In addition, Nurture Soap will provide you with the ingredients for this Juicy Apricot Summer Scent Soap. To make your own Juicy Apricot soap, you will need the following ingredients and supplies:


1. Soap base (Low Sweat Clear Soap Base from Nurture Soap)

summer scent base soap
  • This clear melt-and-pour soap base is ideal for creating embeds for cold-process soap loaves. Simply melt and mix in your colorant and fragrance without worrying about beading or sweating in high humidity. Detergent-free and made via saponification, it contains no SLS, SLSA, or other questionable additives.

2. Juicy Apricot Fragrance Oil

summer scent apricot fragrance
  • Experience the mouthwatering aroma of Juicy Apricot Fragrance Oil from Nurture Soap! With sweet notes of peach, banana, jasmine, white lily, and a sugary vanilla base, this irresistibly fruity scent brings a hint of summer delight.

3. Soap colorant (Rose Kaolin Clay)

rose kaolin clay


1. 10'' Silicone Soap Mold (silicone molds work best for easy removal)

  • Achieve professional-looking soap with Nurture Soap 10'' Silicone Soap Mold. The reinforced design minimizes bowing, and the polished interior ensures easy release for a flawless finish. Ideal for both beginners and experienced soap makers.

2. Double boiler or microwave-safe container

3. Stirring utensils (silicone spatula or wooden spoon)

4. Measuring spoons

5. Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol (to eliminate bubbles)

6. Soap Cutter or Divider

Step-by-Step Soap Making

Firstly, prepare Your Workspace: Start by gathering all your materials and setting up a clean, organized workspace. Lay down some newspaper or parchment paper to catch any spills.

Secondly, melt the Soap Base: Cut the soap base into small, even pieces to ensure it melts evenly. Place the pieces in a double boiler or microwave-safe container. If using a microwave, heat the soap base in short bursts (20-30 seconds), stirring between each burst until fully melted.

Add Fragrance and Color: Once the soap base is melted, add your Juicy Apricot fragrance oil. The general guideline is about 1-2 teaspoons of fragrance oil per pound of soap base, but you can adjust this based on your preference for scent strength. If you're using soap colorant, add it now and stir thoroughly to ensure an even distribution.

Finally, Pour into Molds: Carefully pour the scented, colored soap mixture into your molds. If you notice any bubbles forming on the surface, spritz them lightly with rubbing alcohol to pop them.

Let it Set: Allow the soap to cool and harden completely. This can take several hours, but you can speed up the process by placing the molds in the refrigerator.

Unmold and Enjoy: Once the soap has fully set, gently remove it from the molds. Your Juicy Apricot soap is now ready to use!

The Benefits of Homemade Soap

Beyond the pleasure of crafting and the delightful fragrance, homemade soaps offer several benefits:

  • Natural Ingredients: By making your soap, you can choose natural, skin-friendly ingredients that nourish and moisturize.

  • Eco-Friendly: Homemade soap can be more environmentally friendly, reducing plastic waste from store-bought soap packaging.

  • Gift-Worthy: Handmade soaps make thoughtful, personalized gifts for friends and family, perfect for summer birthdays or as a thank-you gesture.

Bringing Summer Indoors

Using your handmade Juicy Apricot soap is like bringing a slice of summer into your home. Each use will fill your bathroom with a sweet, fruity aroma that’s reminiscent of sunny days and warm breezes. It’s a small but delightful way to keep the spirit of summer alive, no matter the season.


Soap making is a rewarding craft that combines creativity with practicality, resulting in beautiful, functional pieces that enhance your daily routine. This summer, immerse yourself in soap-making with the quintessential seasonal fragrance: Juicy Apricot. Combining sweet fruits, delicate florals, and warm vanilla, this scent transports you to a tropical paradise with every wash. Therefore, visit Nurture Soap and discover more soap making supplies, click here. Gather your supplies, get creative, and relish the sweet, summery aroma of Juicy Apricot soap!


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