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Puzzle Master
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Why does solving puzzles feel so satisfying and relaxing? They said that solving puzzles is a crucial tool that trains us to solve life problems. Puzzles get you thinking and learning in new ways. It will give you the idea to challenge yourself to solve it and train you to explore various options for a way out with an amount of trial and error. As a result, you develop a much richer insight into the situation and get your creative juices flowing.

Solving exciting puzzles can improve your cognition and visual-spatial reasoning, the best mental workout for your exhausted brain. And taking some time to solve a puzzle can help you reset your brain. So, if you are having a tiring day at school or work, do some puzzle exercises to keep your stress levels at bay. It is also a mood booster and makes one feel happier. You can enjoy solving puzzles individually or with someone you love. And if you are starting this new hobby, look no more because Puzzle Master will save the day for you. Puzzle Master offers a variety of puzzles like jigsaws, brain teasers, puzzle rings, trick locks, and more. They also offer different levels of difficulty that you will enjoy.

Challenge Your Brain and Elevates Your Mood with Puzzle Master

They said, “When dopamine rises, so does your motivation to act.” Dopamine makes you addicted to seeking information. It plays a role in our brain, including movement and memory. Instead of exhausting your energy, try to take a break and boost your mood with Puzzle Master. Here are the five puzzles that you can enjoy.

1. Mystery Puzzle – Murder on the Titanic

Mystery Puzzle – Murder on the Titanic

Do you love solving a mystery? This mystery puzzle has a suspense feel while finding the solution to this Puzzle Master jigsaw puzzle. You can enjoy this puzzle solo or with your family or friends. This puzzle is composed of 1000 pieces and a story booklet. It is about wealthy twin sisters who face romance, betrayal, and death on that fateful night aboard the Titanic. Put the pieces together and reveal the mystery behind them. Beware, the image on the packaging is not like what you see. Awaken your brain!

2. Cast Love

Cast Love

Cast Love is an assemble and disassemble puzzle, also known as disentangle puzzle. If you enjoy a tricky-to-solve, this one is for you. This Cast Love may look simple at first glance, but it is more complicated than first meets the eye. A puzzle from Hanayama, a brand that focuses on disentangling puzzles. Make a single form with these two pieces of incomplete heart. Get your creative solutions now!

3. Trick Lock – Broken Heart

Trick Lock – Broken Heart

Another heart to solve. Want to rest for a moment? Instead of browsing on your phone, why not try to unlock this broken heart? This puzzle is from Puzzle Master itself. Your task is simple, unlock this Trick Lock - Broken Heart. Still, it may look lovely, but it requires a unique technique to open. And, if you are a fan of the mechanical puzzle, this one is for you. Keep in mind requesting a solution is not allowed. It is not going to be fun that way! 

 4. Panic Attack

Panic Attack

This Panic Attack will not give your heart a rest. Remove the string from the heart-shaped frame, and you should return the string. Can you do the challenge? Completing the challenge is very satisfying and can improve your mood. You can also challenge your loved ones and see if they can solve it. 

5. Aluminum Cylinder (First Cylinder)

Aluminum Cylinder (First Cylinder)

A premium collectible puzzle from Will Strijbos, very well crafted from solid polished aluminum. The front of the puzzle has Strijbos' signature. The objective is to open up the cylinder. Looks very nice and is quite challenging to open. Good luck!

Taking a break is crucial in recovering from stress and improving your performance. Start a hobby that will relieve your stress. Deciphering a puzzle is a good choice for a new hobby. Begin with a beginner piece, and if you are enjoying it more, you can continue to the difficulty level. Discover more about Puzzle Master by visiting their website here.


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